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"Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one without the other.

Research has shown that the body can and must be healed through the mind and the mind can and must be healed through the body."

From "Molecules of Emotion"
by Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., published by Scribner



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Genèse de l'homme nouveau "La personne et la personnalité"

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Metaconsciousness is the central theme in the
constant symphony of the universe


The purpose of this Web site to set in motion, the discovery of a reality that will awake, a superior consciousness, a metaconsciousness.

Our incapacity in the past to actualize this superior consciousness stems from the fact of our total empowerment by a dualistic consciousness which has always prevented us from being aweare of it's innerworking's.

This new metaconsciousness will uncover the reality that is hiding behind the veils of the polarised consciousness within us, through which we have been forever trying to decypher the essence of life.

This site undertakes to enable individuals that are ready to absorb its essence and who possess some affinity and resonnance to this new aweareness, the possibility to familiarize themselves with this metaconsciousness. 

The pages that will fallow, whether they are a revelation for some or a confirmation for others, will permit to build the basic structure of your future evolution. Their first and foremost objective is to awaken within you, the foundation of this new consciousness.

Finally those pages have the primary purpose of lifting the clouds of our enslavement by our current polarised collective consciousness witch constitute the only real and greatest conspiracy against us.

Charles Sabourin

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